Employment Law Conference Registration - Getting Started

Three-Step Registration Process

1. Billing Information

On this page you will enter the basic information for the company and contact person.  This person will be contacted if there are any questions about the registration.  The contact is NOT considered an attendee unless they are registered under Step 2 below.

2. Attendee Information

On this page you will enter the names, e-mail addresses, and Breakout Session preferences of all attendees from your organization. You will also be asked to verify whether an attendee is a member of the Santa Barbara Human Resources Association (the "SBHRA").  As you enter each attendee, the list is re-displayed.  If the contact person is also attending, please enter the contact as an attendee.

3. Payment Information*

A total amount for the fees as well as type of payment selection is entered on this page.  We prefer that you pay by PayPal/credit card.  *Registrants paying by check will not be guaranteed a space until we check is received.

We are pleased you plan to attend our Annual Employment Law Conference and look forward to seeing you
 April 18, 2019 at Four Seasons Biltmore in Santa Barbara.

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If you experience any problems with our web registration, please call Lorraine Ramirez or Adriana Avila at (805) 966-1501 to assist you in completing the registration process.

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