Dennis W Reilly

Dennis focuses on the tax and valuation issues of family-owned businesses, farms and ranches. Dennis is certified in two specialties – Taxation Law and Estate Planning, and Trust and Probate Law, and advises a broad clientele (with a particular emphasis on family-owned businesses) on issues of tax, estate, valuation and business planning, complex estate and trust administration and tax controversy. His thirty-five years of experience in working with owners of family businesses, farms and ranches, coupled with his knowledge of the tax law and quantitative approach to problem-solving, make Dennis uniquely suited to address the complex challenges of the family business. Dennis has developed a subspecialty in the valuation arena, effectively working with appraisers to resolve the many types of valuation issues that can affect a family business and its owners, such as business owner buy and sell planning, executive compensation, business owner disputes, and purchases and sales of businesses, as well as all types of tax planning, administration and controversy.